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We work with employers to meet their skills needs by developing relevant, affordable and high quality educational programmes for employees – building a better skilled and qualified workforce.

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We offer various apprenticeships that address all-round skills needed for the job.

These training programmes give your existing employees and new recruit the opportunity to extend their existing skills and to develop technical and vocational skills in their workplace.

Our apprenticeships are suitable for any employees aged 16+ and, for one day a week away from the workplace, they train in the theoretical skills that support their practical work. Training is always relevant, ensuring that apprentices gain the specialist skills they need to support your thriving business or organisation.

All our apprenticeship programmes include functional skills, which helps to improve internal and external business communications. Apprenticeships are available at level 2 (the equivalent of five good GCSE pases) and level 3 the equivalent of two A-level passes)

We offer apprenticeships in

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