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Romanians and Bulgarians Offered Government Free Apprenticeship Courses With UK Jobs

Romanians migrating to the UK without a job are being offered fully funded or free apprenticeship courses with paid job under a Government scheme. European ‘freedom of movement’ laws mean the UK must offer EU migrants the chance to take apprenticeship places, which often go unfilled at colleges in the UK, despite high British youth unemployment.

28-11-2010 10:30 PM

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Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn on a UK Vocational Course! Croatian Students Can Earn and Learn in the UK on a Yellow Accession Registration Card. Croatians who want to work and study in the UK can earn and learn while taking "Work Based Courses" with paid employment. Under the Accession of Croatia Immigration and Worker Authorisiation Rules, the UK Home Office, as well as other EU/EEA countries, has imposed a 7 year work or full free movement of labour restriction on Croatian nationals. Croatians (like Romanians and Bulgarians before them) require Accession Worker Authorisation to work in the UK. Permission to work is can come in various forms such as Work Permits (Purple Registration Cards), Highly Skilled worker cards, Au Pairs and student "Yellow Card", which allow FULL TIME work and study when taking a vocational (work based) training course in the UK. London based Concept Care Solutions and training provider London Cactus College have combined to offer work placements in care and approved vocational courses to Croatian nationals who want to work and study in the UK. Assistance is also offered with Yellow and Blue Card immigration paperwork, as well as finding accommodation and getting settled in London. To find out more about work based courses with full time paid employment contact Mr C Kelly at Concept Care Solutions at or visit

Free Apprenticeship courses with PAID work placements

How do you gain experience in order to get a job when employers want you to have experience before employing you? One solution is to take a government funded Apprenticeship course. Apprenticeships offer a great opportunity to start a rewarding career in Care and many other fields such as Business Admin and Customer Service. Unlike many academic courses, an Apprenticeship will give you a practical qualification plus hands-on work experience. And the best part of it is that you get paid for the work experience. In other words, you can literally ‘earn while you learn’! London Cactus College runs fully funded Apprenticeship courses (16-18 YEAR OLDS) in a wide range of subjects, including Health and Social Care and Customer Service. They are recruiting NOW for the January 2014 intake. EU and EEA Students welcome. Places are limited, so contact them now to kick start your career on 0208 381 1838 or email

Apprentice Business Admin person required immediately

Financial Services company in Edgware needs a marketing/business admin apprentice immediately! Government funded (free to student) course, which will run alongside the paid work placement, will be provided by London Cactus College. Contact Jackie at the college on 0208 381 1838 now or email CV to

Domino's Pizza boss wants more immigrants in UK because Brits won't take our jobs

The head of one of London’s biggest employers has called for more immigrants to be given working visas and allowed into the UK, because his Pizza chain has 1,000 unfilled jobs that British workers will not apply for, the London Evening Standard reports this week. Lance Batchelor, CEO of Domino’s Pizza, claims that the shortage of available and willing labour is hindering the restaurant’s expansion in Britain, and says the company is failing to find enough drivers and cooks. Batchelor joins the chorus of other bosses, for instance in the care industry, who are calling for less stringent Home Office Immigration Rules to allow more foreign workers in because, despite high youth unemployment and a country coming out of recession, that cannot find enough British workers to fill British job vacancies. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown once famously called for “British workers for British jobs”, but his government still failed to get enough of them off benefits and into work. The CEO, who leaves Dominoes Pizza next April, said: “We’re struggling to get enough employees. Since the immigration laws were tightened up two or three years ago, we are finding it harder and harder to hire staff, especially in London and the South East. “People who would have worked here a few years ago now don’t want these jobs. We could fill 1,000 jobs across the UK tomorrow if we could get candidates to apply for them.” The call for more UK immigration comes as some predict that 50,000 Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants will come to the UK each year when restrictions on their movement in the EU are lifted on January 1. Romanian and Bulgarian citizens will also have full “freedom of movement” with no restrictions on UK work from the new year, a move which anti-immigration campaign groups such as MigrationWatch UK says will put pressure on jobs. The group claims that 50,000 Bulgarian and Romanian migrants will migrate to the UK for the next five years. Croatia joined the EU in July, but Under the Accession of Croatia Immigration and Worker Authorisiation Rules, the UK Home Office has imposed a 7 year work or full free movement of labour restriction on Croatian nationals. Croatians (like Romanians and Bulgarians before them) require Accession Worker Authorisation to work in the UK. Permission to work in the UK can come in various forms such as Work Permits (Purple Registration Cards), Highly Skilled worker cards, Au Pairs and student "Yellow Card", which allow FULL TIME work and study when taking a vocational (work based) training course in the UK. Domino’s employs 25,000 workers in the UK, including at its 109 branches in London, which have 3,300 staff. “It’s not just us struggling with this problem finding labour,” Mr Batchelor said. “There are a huge number of jobs at the bottom end of the service industry, and not enough people in the UK who want to work for them. “Amid all the concerns about the decline of the High Street, we’re coming back to the High Street, opening stores and helping to bring them back to life. But we can’t open branches if we can’t get the staff.” Dominoes Pizza is opening 45 branches each year, creating 2,500 jobs annually. Batchelor added: “Every branch in London is currently operating at less than full capacity because of the problem securing labour. In London it’s particularly difficult to get drivers and people to work in production. If we had more staff, we would spend far more on marketing and other boosts to the economy.” His warning came as a major recruitment firm warned over 6,000 Christmas jobs are still available in the UK, as employers struggle to cope with the festive rush. Britain’s biggest retailers are hiring almost five per cent extra staff this winter, mostly in hospitality, logistics and sales sectors, according to jobs group Adzuna. Adzuna said London and the South continue to be vacancy hotspots, with almost 40 per cent of the available roles in the UK. “We are asking the Government to help us have the ability to hire staff from outside of the UK and bring them in, via a properly vetted system that would ensure each individual was coming to fill a role, and would be paying taxes,” Batchelor said. “As things stand, it’s only those with PhDs who can get into the UK. You don’t need a PhD for our work, but it is work and we need staff.” Domino’s has plans to double in size in the next decade, from currently selling £530 million-worth of pizzas a year, to over a billion pounds-worth of pizza by 2023. Mr Batchelor’s views are echoed by the former Marks & Spencer boss, Sir Stuart Rose, who praised hard working immigrants who come to Britain and are prepared to work longer hours for low wages. Rose said Romanians and Bulgarians and other immigrants should not be blamed for coming to the UK if Britons were not prepared to do menial jobs. “I’m a free market economist – we operate in a free market. If these people want to come here, and work the hours they are prepared to work for the wages they are prepared to work for, then so be it,” he said. The boss of Care provider Concept Care Solutions and Dolphin Care, which supplies Nurses and Care staff to the NHS and private sector, said that Christmas and New Year are the most acute for finding staff to cover shifts over the festive season. Edith Fongo, who started the agency in 2003 and now supplies staff to cover thousands of care hours all over the country, said that staffing has always been the biggest issue for care providers and the NHS. She said: “Without overseas nurses and carers the NHS and care industry would collapse. “But since the government tightened up the Immigration Rules on work permits a few years ago it has become increasingly difficult to find good nurses and carers to work those weekend, nights and holiday shifts. “Even with Romanians, Bulgarians and Croatians, the NHS and private care sector still needs workers from places like the Philippines and India in order to prevent a staffing crisis.” Concept Care Solutions are hiring nurses, care workers and Apprentices now. If you are looking to working in the booming care sector call Concept Care Solutions on 0208 731 5972 or email your CV to

Romanian and Bulgarian Immigration Expected

Romanian and Bulgarian Mass Immigration Expected when UK Yellow Card Restrictions end this month. Bulgarian and Romanian migration to the UK is expected to rise to 50,000 per year once working restrictions are lifted at the end of this year. So how do three Boston families - born in England, Romania and Poland - feel about the prospect of more migrants moving there? However, others predict that there will not be a mad dash for Britain, firstly because the rest of the EU is also opening its doors and secondly due to the fact that there are already large numbers of Romanians and Bulgarians living and working in the UK. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, in July 2012 there were an estimated 94,000 people born in Romania and 47,000 people who were born in Bulgaria resident in the UK. There have been differing estimates about how many more might migrate to the UK in January after employment restrictions are removed. The Government has refused to predict how many could arrive, whilst Migration Watch claims that 50,000 will migrate to the UK every year for the next five years. In a move criticised by EU officials, Prime Minister David Cameron announced last week that the UK will restrict benefits to new European migrants. Bulgaria and Romania joined the European Union in 2007, but unlike citizens of previous former eastern bloc countries who joined in 2004, were restricted from full employment rights for seven years. Croatia, which joined the EU in July 2013, has also had free movement work restrictions imposed on its citizens who want to work in the UK. Romanians and Bulgarians coming to the UK had to apply for a work permit, accession card or a yellow card as a self employed person or student. Many thousands came here under the ‘work study’ student route and obtained yellow cards and work placements through colleges such as London Cactus College in Edgware. Edith Fongo of Concept Care Solutions, which has placed hundreds of students and workers from Eastern Europe, noted that the type jobs which Romanian and Bulgarian students filled, such as domiciliary home care work, were those jobs which UK residents were reluctant to do: “Care Homes, Nursing and Care Agencies and NHS Trusts are still desperate for staff which they cannot find locally, as the restrictions imposed on non-EU work permits and student visas have taken many thousands of willing workers out of the job market. “We are currently recruiting care workers and nurses from Romania and Bulgaria and will help migrants get started in the UK with a job placement and assistance with accommodation.” Edith added: “Whilst Romanians and Bulgarians can jump on a plane and come to London, they will still have to find a job and register for an NI number, as well as find somewhere to live – we can help with all those things!” To find out more about working in the UK, contact Concept Care Solutions 0n 0208 731 5972. If you have any immigration questions, have been arrested, detained, need advice on immigration appeals, or would like further information on UK jobs and UK study programmes contact Cynthia Barker at Concept Care Solutions on 0208 731 5972 or email


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