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Numeracy  Level 1

Qualification Title: 

Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics at Level 1

Qualification Type

Functional Skills on the National Qualifications Framework

Level : Level 1

Qualification Overview:

Fundamental to individuals being able to use mathematics effectively in life and work is their ability to understand and make sense of mathematical information, to use and process that information, to interpret and analyse the results of their activity and to present this to others. These process skills form the basis of the Functional Skills standards for mathematics and apply at all levels.

Qualification Structure: This is a single unit qualification

Assessment Method:  The Functional Skills qualification in Mathematics at Level 1 is assessed via task based assessments completed in controlled conditions.

Each assessment requires learners to complete problem-solving tasks related to ‘real life’ scenarios such as using train timetables. Learners must show their workings out and thought processes, as marks are awarded for this. Calculators are allowed at all levels.

At Level 1, the assessment lasts 90 minutes and is set and marked by the awarding body.

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