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Maintaining Personal Hygiene

The aim of this Session is to assist you to develop an understanding of the issues related to hygiene, and to enable you to develop the confidence to deal with the many aspects of hygiene encountered as a care worker.

On completion of this Session, you will be able to:-
  1. Identify the normal body functions that create the need for hygiene.
  2. Describe the reasons for maintaining personal hygiene.
  3. Describe and demonstrate how to prepare the client and the environment prior to and after washing/bathing.
  4. Explain and demonstrate how to maintain a client's dignity.
  5. Demonstrate how to assist the client with:-
    • Bed-bathing
    • Bathing
    • Hair-care
    • Shaving
    • Nail Care
    • Oral Hygiene
  6. Identify the safety issues when assisting a client with washing or Bathing.

Duration: 3 hours

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